5 Tips to Become an Effective Pitcher


Many pitchers are looking for that competitive edge that will put them over the top. These five tips are crucial in becoming an effective pitcher:

  1. Control

Control is one of the most essential components in becoming an effective pitcher. If a pitcher has no control, his effectiveness as a pitcher is minimal. As a pitcher, you must understand that, in order to have precise control you must have both accuracy and precision. First, accuracy is the ability to hit the strike zone. An effective pitcher has the ability to attack the strike zone on regularity. If a pitcher struggles with hitting the strike zone will be less effective as a pitcher. Second, precision is the ability to hit a specific part of the strike zone consistently. The pitchers ability to not only be accurate but also precise in his ability to pitch is going to take him to the next level of efficiency. As you work on becoming an effective pitcher work, on coupling accuracy and precision. If you are able to master both ingredients, your will be well to your way on becoming one step ahead of you competition.


Velocity. Velocity. Velocity. They say velocity is not everything, but is another important component on becoming an effective pitcher. A pitcher’s ability to dominate a hitter with their velocity is next level stuff. As a pitcher trains, he needs to focus on building important core muscles to improve velocity. Find training exercises that will help improve velocity. Once you are able to improve your velocity, you will take another step closer in becoming a more effective pitcher.


The next tip in becoming an effective pitchers is working on the movement of your specific pitches. The better the movement you have on your pitches the better you will be able to throw hitters timing and rhythm off at the plate. In bullpen sessions, pitchers should try to work on three types of movements: Horizontal, vertical, and depth.  The horizontal movement of the baseball is the ability to move the baseball right to left or vice versa. Vertical movement is the ability to move the ball up in the strike zone and down. Depth is the ability to put more downward movement on your pitches. The more a pitcher works on the movement of his pitches, the more effective he will be.

Mental Toughness

It is the bottom of the 9th. Bases are loaded. 2 outs. 3-2 count. As pitchers, we find ourselves in stressful situations similar to this all the time. The pitchers that are able to control their stress and anxiety while in the midst of the situation are the pitchers that separate the men from the boys. A pitcher that is able to control his breathing and calm his anxiety will be more effective on the mound when these types of situations arise. Two tips to help combat stress and anxiety are BREATHE and practice like you will be in that situation. First, breathing is important in helping with stressful situations. The proper breathing will help calm your body down to help conquer some of that anxiety. Second, practice the situation like you will find yourself there. More than likely, if you pitch for any amount of time, you’re going to find yourself in a stressful situation on the mound. While in a bullpen session, think through scenarios in your head and of ways you would pitch hitters in those certain situations. The ability to be mentally tough will set you apart as a pitcher.

Arm Strength

The last tip in becoming an effective pitcher is arm strength. As a pitcher, the ability to build arm strength is vital for success. A pitcher with the proper arm strength will have the endurance to last longer in appearances on the hill. As you work on becoming an effective pitcher, work on building arm strength. An important exercise to build arm strength is long toss.

If you take these 5 tips to become an effective pitcher you will be able to improve your overall success as a pitcher. So take these tips and get to work.


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