The Arsenal

If you are a pitcher, I am sure you have wondered how I throw a curveball, a change up, or a fastball. In this article, I am going to answer those thoughts, and to help you develop a more effective arsenal. We will focus on the different types of fastball grips.

The Fastball:

There are four types of fastballs: the four seam fastball, the two-seam fastball, and the split finger fastball. The first fastball grip is called the four seam fastball. This pitch is called the four seam baseball, because as the pitcher delivers the pitch the ball rotates in a way you see four seams rotating. The way you grip this particular pitch is shown in the picture below. images

The second fastball grip is called the two-seam fastball. The two-steam fastball has more tail and run the baseball opposed to the four-seam fastball which is usually pretty straight. This pitch is effective to either jam a batter, or have the pitch run away from the batter. The way you grip the baseball for a two- seam fastball is shown in the picture below.

The third fastball grip is called the split finger. The spilt finger fastball is effective pitch to induce groundball situations. By creating these groundball situation you can limit your pitch count, which in turn helps save your arm as the game goes along. The split finger has late downward action causing the baseballs to miss solid contact from hitters. The way you grip a spilt finger fastball is shown in the picture below.

The final fastball grip is called the cut fastball. This pitch get its name from the cutting action on the baseball when the pitch is thrown effectively. The cut fastball has left to right movement or right to left movement depending on whether you are a left handed pitcher or a right handed pitcher. This pitch is effective in jam the hitters to create broken bats or weak contact resulting in easy outs. The way you grip a cut fastball is shown in the picture below.

Now it your turn. Work on these grip to work them into your arsenal that you might become a more effective pitcher in the years to come. Attached at the bottom will be more additional resources on the different type of fastballs. Enjoy putting in the work.




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