The Arsenal: The Curve ball

The next pitch that young pitchers should add to their arsenal is the curve ball. The curve ball is an off speed pitch which is used mostly as a strike out pitch. The curve ball is effective in throwing off the hitter and keeping the hitter off balanced, which is the key to pitching. In this selection, we will discuss two types of curve balls that you can try to work into your arsenal.

The first type of curve ball is the 12-6 curve. Like, its name suggests this curve is thrown at the arm angle of 12 o’clock finishing at 6 o’clock. The 12-6 curve is effective pitch if you try to hit the bottom half of the zone or even pitch it in the dirt. The point of this pitch remember is to throw off the hitter’s rhythm at the plate. The picture below shows how to grip the 12-6 curve ball.

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Keep two thing in mind when you are working on this pitch. First, have the right grip of the baseball. Having the right grip of the will make the pitch more effective. Second, with the 12-6 curve you want to start at 12 o’clock in your arm slot and finish at a 6 o’clock arm angle.

The second type of curve-ball is the spike curve or knuckle curve. The spiked curve is throw like a normal curve ball, but the grip is different from the 12-6 curve ball. The spiked curve is grip like a normal curve ball the only exception is the pointer finger nail or knuckle should be on the seam of the baseball. The spiked curve ball is easier for younger pitchers to start developing as it easier to grip for them. The grip of the spiked or knuckle curve is shown below.

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Now that you have these two different types of curve ball grips work on them to see which grip works most effectively. The point is not always how many different types of grips you can hold, but which grip works most effectively for you. Pitching is all about comfort. Enjoy working on these two different types of curve balls and PLAY BALL!

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