Form the coach: Randy Arterberry


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How long have you coached?

“I have coached baseball going on twenty years now”

Where have you coached? Where you currently coaching?

“I have coached at the YMCA, Cal Ripen youth baseball, and high school baseball. Now, I am currently a high school baseball coach for Faith Christian School in Clinton Twp., Michigan.”

What are some tips for young coaches starting out?

“For coaches that are beginning to have opportunities to coach at any level there are two things I would tell them. First, I would tell the two key things you need to develop in yourself is patience and the ability to control your temper. Second, teach the fundamentals of baseball. Teaching the kids the fundamentals will have the foundation they need as they progress in their careers.

What are some tips for young pitchers starting out? Some drills that you do to help your pitchers? “The best advice I can give to coaches that are working with pitchers is teach the basic mechanics. After they have mastered the basic mechanics, then progress them to developing different pitches.”

What are some tips for young catchers starting out? Some drills that you do to help your catchers?

“Some drills that I would highly recommend coaches use to help develop catchers are blocking and framing drills.”

What are the things that are you looking to instill into your players when they are finished and move on from your coaching?

“The biggest qualities I am trying to instill into my players is to be men of character. If once they leave my team and I have instilled in them the ability for them to be men of character, then I feel have accomplished my goal as a coach no matter the outcomes of the games.”

How have you tried to point your players to Christ while coaching?

“The biggest way I have tried to point my players back to Christ is practicing what I preach. I try to live in a way that is Christ honoring to give my players and example of how I want them to live their lives. Overall, I try to be a godly example of character and patience.”

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